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How does Pilates help in other exercises? How does a strong core help you gain strength in other exercises ?

You may already know or have heard that Pilates is good for you and having a strong core is good for bad backs but do you know why and do you know how this helps in your life and other exercises? Pilates exercises are designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles, pelvic floor and lower back and increase flexibility in the spine.

Joseph Pilates (founder and creator of Pilates) said Pilates is the power house of the body, What does this actually mean?

Everybody's interpretation will be different but My interpretation is that it means the body draws allot of strength from the core. These muscles lay deep in the abdominals and back and attach to the spine, they help with our balance, they help with our posture and help to keep everything where it should be in its rightful place so we are less likely to injure ourselves.


The core is the centre part of your body , the muscles include abdominals, lower back, glutes and pelvic floor (the muscles that give us the ability to hold and control our urine and faeces until its convenient to release it. lets talk a little about the pelvic floor muscles, When the muscles are weak life becomes very difficult, a weak pelvic floor means having less control over when we go to the toilet and it also effects the way in which we exercise, any running, jumping, or high impact exercise needs to be avoided as leakage is likely to occur it also affects how e plan our day, how much fluid we will intake and where we go. There are many reason for a weak pelvic floor , a fall or traumatic injury, pregnancy and childbirth as well as ageing (muscles naturally become weaker as we age)


Strengthening the core muscles makes it easier to do many daily physical activities as well as other sporting activities and exercises. The core muscles are also responsible for helping us to balance which we need in our daily lives as well as playing an important part in most sports and exercises.

Something as simple as walking is easier, everyday walking like walking the dog or walking along a path or road, as well as making walking uphill a heck of a lot easier and carrying a rucksack, because a stronger core keeps you upright, so you're not stooped. It makes walking much more enjoyable. When you engage your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and use and utilise the lower back muscles you draw strength form here which makes everything easier, It also helps you to balance , preventing falls. With stronger gluteal muscles stairs are also much easier to climb.


Core strength is a solid base for the rest of the body to call upon when needed. When weight lifting it helps you to perform a squat without tipping your torso too far forward and the weight going into the lower back. A strong core keeps your body stable when lifting anything heavy. Strong abdominals and obliques and a strong lower back are critically important when performing any weight lifting exercise to keep you balancing the barbell to use good posture and protect the back and keep the muscles stable and everything in its correct place and prevents unnecessary movement from the body parts giving you more power, strength and stability to perform the exercise, or lift and carry the shopping or anything else heavy correctly and safely. The core muscles assist when running by increasing stabilisation in your torso and the core muscles are what keep you upright when you're running (again preventing injury)


As I have spoken about before Pilates keeps everything aligned in the body and in place, Pilates teaches shoulder stabilisation, which can assist in keeping the arms close in to the body ideal when you are running and bike riding, practicing Pilates means you are used to thinking about the whole body and you are likely to be much more aware of your limbs and what they are doing and how your body feels when its not properly aligned which means you will be more likely to keep good posture when riding your bike, less likely to round your back, keep your feet knees hips aligned (less likely to flare the legs out) which makes you less prone to injury, and to be able to run, cycle walk, with improved stride, pace, greater strength efficiency and power.


Pilates is for LIFE. Its not something you can dip in and out of whenever you have time, if you really want to keep a strong core it takes time patience and effort to build. In return you will find your body to be your most loyal servant. Protecting you from injury, giving you freedom of movement in the spine, as well as strength agility and power in your daily life and other exercise. Great posture and with the right nutrition a great toned physique as an added bonus. What Pilates isn't is a quick fix, Its powers and beauty ae only fully realised when a person is committed and consistent in their practice.

There will be a beginners course starting soon in Nidderdale or Hampstwaite. Please call or email me if you would like to join. I currently have space in My Glasshouses Pilates and Hampsthwaite class.

Joanna Boyes


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