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6 Reasons why you should try Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga is a wonderfully ancient practice that helps heal our bodies, calm our busy over thinking, planning brains and allows us, to switch off from all of the constant chatter our brains have to absorb. Yin brings deep stillness and comfort that creeps deep into our hearts to mend the parts we've perhaps been neglecting .

Yin gives us time to reflect, to be still so that our ears and heart can be opened to listen to what our minds and bodies are and maybe have been trying to tell us for a long time.

Yin Yoga is very different from many other forms of more dynamic Yoga like Power Yoga or Vinyasa or Ashtanga Yoga, Pilates that targets the superficial muscles, Yin gets deep into the joints, the ligaments and deep fascia. This is what makes Yin so sweet. This is what makes it the perfect compliment to our other forms of exercise and our lives. The desert to our main course.


Yin is far reaching and has benefits for everyone, especially for those people who don't like sitting still and doing nothing and prefer a more dynamic kind of Yoga or exercise. Its for the person who has tried meditating but struggle to focus and give up. It introduces, invites and encourages calm and stillness in each pose.

It is for the person who is very stiff and believes they are on a downward slope, and whom have given up, Its for the person who wants to remain injury and do the exercise they love. Its for the athlete, for the body builder, for a person needing and wanting some time out from a busy hectic life.


1/ As I mentioned before Yin Yoga gets deeper than your average stretch, It gets deep into the body, and into the connective tissues and tendons and by doing so improves your strength and range of movement that has gradually over time become decreased.


Each pose is held for approximately 2-3 minutes (more for more experienced Yogi's)

Part of the Yin Yoga practice is to focus the mind on the breath and focussing the attention on the sensations (stretch) that is felt during each pose. In Yin we have a saying issues in our tissues, this refers to all the events in our lives that are difficult and challenging, that evoke stress, sadness that get stored in our body. Yin gives us the chance to let go of control, stress and all the things in life that bog us down, Yin is somehow easier than pure meditation as your mind has something physical to focus on (the sensations and the breath) It gives you the rare opportunity to stop and observe and become truly connected to your body.


Yin Yoga is the complete opposite to how most of us live our lives, busy, non stop, over worked, always thinking planning, on the go. Yin will ask you to slow down and focus on the present moment, revitalising your body and mind leaving you feeling fresh and re energised to go forward with renewed energy but also renewed wisdom to take with you, the wisdom of the importance of pacing yourself so as not to burn out too quickly


With all of the information that is now available to us 24/7 at the touch of a finger tip or at the sound of our own voice requesting this information time spent in a peaceful setting is now at a complete minimum. is it any wonder then that we are often quick to lose our cool, have increased feelings of anxiety and lack of self worth with the demands that living in 2024 places on us. Yin Yoga gives you the space to let go and switch off as you find stillness in the poses and you allow yourself to BE.


Yin Yoga is the gift that keeps on giving and never takes

Yin will help you to put yourself first more often as you turn your thoughts inward time and again in your yin Poses you will find yourself tuning in more to what YOU NEED. Yin provides the perfect place for self discovery and love,


Yin helps you to be aware of your thoughts and allow them to pass by, it teaches you to take a step back instead of instantly responding to the thought the second it arrives in your brain. This is an incredibly helpful, powerful tool to have, you will find it easier to allow negative thoughts and emotions to pass instead of getting pulled in and believing it to be true.


Yin is a magnificent practice with so much to give and offer. It is incredibly healing for the mind and body and enhances our lives and allows us to flourish and become who we really are and want to be.

It cares for you, nourishes you and allows you and encourages you to flourish. It brings with it a feeling of increased self confidence but with it a sense of calm and peace and grounding.

Although Yin is very simple in many ways this doesn't mean its poses are always comfortable or easy. Yin will take you outside your comfort zone and bring you face to face with emotions you didn't even know where there or that you were feeling! It will change the way you face challenges in your life, bringing calmness into these difficult times and situations because you have seen what lies outside your comfort zone, you have faced it head on you have used the breath to calm your mind and with that bringing calmness to you body and that is the magic of Yin.

Yin Yoga classes are are held on a Wednesday afternoon at Broadbelt Hall In Glasshouses on Wednesday s at 2:30Pm and Thursdays at 9.00am I am also looking into setting up an additional class in Hampstwaite at The Village Room.

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