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How it works

Face to face classes are designed to allow participation at all levels and online classes will continue to be more specifically targeted from beginner through to advance some of which incorporate the use of small equipment.  By participating regularly, you will gently but rapidly improve strength and flexibility

You don't need any particular equipment for most classes, just a place for your mat and access to the internet for online classes.  All online classes are  also recorded and, subject to your level of membership, can be accessed at any time of the week.

To get access to any of the classes simply  subscribe, complete a medical questionnaire and then select a pricing plan from the membership options.  You will then be able to book classes through the booking page

Current class schedule:-

  • Monday 7 - 7.45pm - Hugh Ripley Hall, Ripon

  • Tuesday 7.30 - 8.30pm - C of E Primary School, Kirkby Malzeard 

  • Wednesday 6.00 - 6.50 and 7 - 8pm - St Thomas a Becket Church, Hampsthwaite

  • Thursday 7 - 8pm - Summerbridge Methodist Church

  • Friday 10 - 11am - Live class online (Beginner - Intermediate)

I have included some short taster videos of a selection of my classes below including using a small ball, Pilates ring and Intermediate so you can see my style of teaching. 

Introduction to the Small Ball

Adding the ball to your Pilates practise will enhance and add a little fun and freshness to your mat work. It helps improve your balance, awareness and perception of your body. By placing the ball in specific places during the exercises, it can help support your body and increase your range of movement e.g. placing the ball between the thighs during shoulder bridge provides support and encourages a larger range of movement and thereby increases strength and muscle tone.

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The Pilates Ring

The Pilates ring, also known as the ring of fire and magic circle.  How does the ring benefit you in your Pilates practise?

  1. Adds resistance and tones and strengthens your muscles

  2. Enhances your Pilates by encouraging you to work a little harder.  How hard you work depends on how hard you squeeze!

  3. Provides support and stability e.g. in the 100, the ring can be placed in between or outside of the legs.

  4. The ring is versatile and can be used to modify numerous classical Pilates exercises.

  5. Aids concentration and improve co-ordination.

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Intro to Intermediate Pilates

Most of my classes are mixed but this class is designed exclusively for more experienced students.  There are less breaks, less tips and learning, leaving you to focus on the exercises.  The exercises are changed frequently and are designed to flow from one to another throughout the 45 minute online Pilates session. You will enjoy performing your favourites and perhaps perfecting some that need some finetuning. It's fun, flowing and steadily paced.

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Monday 7:00 - 8.00pm

This classical mat Pilates class is for people who are familiar with the fundamentals of Pilates and are ready to take the next step.

Practising Yoga


Tuesday 7:00 - 8.00pm

An hour long classical mat Pilates class incorporating a mix of both improver and intermediate level exercises, it's your choice - a 'pick and mix class'.



Thursday 12:00 - 12.45pm

A 45 minute fun class incorporating a small ball in to your Pilates practice. The addition of a ball increases awareness of pelvic stability and improves core strength.

Practising Yoga


Friday 10:00 - 11.00am

As the title suggests, this is a great introduction to Pilates or for those at an early stage in their Pilates journey.

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