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9 reasons to fall in love with the magic circle, the ring that does does it all.

Pilates ring, ring of fire, magic circle, whatever You want to call it, is a great piece of equipment to add to your Mat Pilates practice but who invented this brilliant piece of equipment and for what reason? Why do Teachers love to use it. I use the Pilates ring in all of My Pilates classes and along with it come allot of groans and huffing and puffing. It's Looks can be deceiving and this piece of equipment doesn't really look like anything special, so what can it do? How does it work? What can it do for you and your Pilates practice and your body?

Joseph Pilates created the very first Pilates ring form metal rings that circle beer barrels. The magic circle has come on a bit since its invention in the 1920's and are made of rubber or metal with rubber on the outside this makes them slightly more easier to use than all metal rings which means they offer less resistance.

The Pilates ring is circular piece of equipment with a handle on each side of the ring which have pads on the inside and outside of the ring to provide comfort they come in various sizes, 13 inches in diameter is the average there are larger and smaller rings available. If you are already fairly strong you may want to opt for a metal ring with a rubber coating as this will offer you the best resistance rather than one made of rubber alone. You may need to try a few and see which works best for you.

Its great size, and price make the Magic circle a fantastic affordable addition to your Pilates practice. Pilates teachers like myself can turn a traditional mat Pilates class (which is already fairly challenging) into a much more demanding workout. What I also love about this ring of fire that it's light and flexible, making it easy to carry with you to class or on holiday it doesn't take up much room in the home or the car. When its not being used you can pop it in the corner or hang it on a coat peg or slide it under the bed.

  1. The Pilates ring is for anyone of any age from teenager to older adult. It helps build strength to your muscles, its suited to anyone and ideal for anyone who want to build a baseline of strength as well as for those who already have a strength training routine or some strength.

  2. Its super easy to use and you can add it into your existing workout and exercises. The ring can be placed between the ankles, the thighs, the hands, you apply the resistance by squeezing the ring to add resistance. You don't have to be strong to use it and you don't have to apply allot of pressure for it to be effective.

  3. The Pilates ring builds strength in your muscles by adding resistance, It encourages your core to work harder as as your body naturally recruits these stabilising muscles to keep your body stable as you work harder. The exercises feel completely different when using the magic circle.

  4. The magic circle will help you burn more calories, when You add resistance to your Pilates you are increasing the intensity of your mat workout and challenging the body to work harder. The harder you work the more calories that are burned.

  5. Adds definition to your muscles .The Ring can be used for a full body workout, working the chest, legs Inner and outer thighs, back, gluteal muscles, wherever you use it you will be working the muscles, where you work the muscles and add resistance you change the shape and the look of your body. Particularly if its used i addition to a well balanced healthy low sugar eating plan.

  6. It strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, the pelvic floor muscles support the bladder and bowel as well as the prolapse. Pelvic floor muscles are often weakened during pregnancy, in particular if the baby is on the heavier side. Adding the Pilates ring into exercises like the shoulder bridge (placing the Pilates ring in between the knees or thighs) helps deepen the connection to the pelvic floor muscles increasing awareness and improving the strength and endurance.

  7. It's cheap! You can expect to pay around £15 for a good one, there are less expensive rings but it may not be as strong and may not offer you the resistance you are needing or looking for and may buckle .

  8. The ring adds support to the body. For example, if you struggle with the press up the ring can help support your body in a press up pose and when performing a press up and help you build strength and encourage good form. Learning how to perform the press up with good form is essential in being able to perform the exercise and the Pilates ring provides a surprising amount of support when used correctly in this exercise . A person can go from not being able to perform a press up at all to being able to perform a whole set of 6 or 8 repetitions! .

  9. Its ideally suited for those with weak wrists as the ring can work the upper body without placing stress and weight on the wrists. So, if you haven't already tried it, borrow one, buy one, and give it a try and add the magic circle into your Pilates practice and see how it feels.

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