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Summer 2023 Newsletter

Hello everyone,

Summertime is not quite officially here but we have had some gorgeous days recently which has prompted me to crack on with this summer newsletter and connect with you all.


First of let me tell you I am taking a break for a week and going to Cornwall from 8th to 15th of July. We are not camping, we are taking Samson (our dog) Samson gets very anxious camping and he cant stand it if the temperature gets above 15 deg! so we will be able to take him out early and leave him in the air b and b and we can have some freedom and relaxation on the beach if the weather is good which we can't do with him.There will be no classes Mon 10th July, wednesday 12th July and Thursday 13th July. All of the classes resume the week commencing 17th July.


If someone had told me before I moved here that I would be planting veg in the garden and growing my own, choosing flowers and seeds to plant in the garden I would have said no way. Maybe it has something to do with slogging my guts out last year re building the garden.

I have been busy over the early spring months building the Greenhouse and helping just a little with building the Pergola which was more than tricky balancing on an unstable ladder. Most recently we have been potting and planting veg and fruit. We have planted butternut squash, carrots, green beans, peas, salad leaves. spinach, courgettes, purple sprouting broccoli (which i've discovered is the real brocoli, the green stuff is in the cauliflower family) All we need now is some warm sunshine to reappear and stay and help everything to grow. much more.. we have converted a lot of space to raise beds. I am excited about tasting.

A couple of weeks ago I even managed to have a Yoga class outside! One person was missing but Dina and David loved it.

We have since moved a large table into the garden for better outdoor dining and entertaining and so there is no more room for any outdoor classes, it's a pity as it was really nice but I already have a studio in the home It wouldn't be fair to take over the garden too.

If the weather ever gets warm and stays warm on a Pilates or yoga day and you have space in the garden please shout out!


JULY 18th

Tuesdays at 12;30 at The Quaker meeting House Harrogate

Tuesdays at Dacre Village Hall, Dacre. Beginners and experienced are all welcome.

Could this be a chance to improve your practice by adding in an extra class?


A great way to unwind from the busy week and start the weekend off on the right foot.

Beginners welcome and I would like to extend a welcome and encouragement for those that already attend to use this as an opportunity to increase your practice. Yin Yoga once a week is better than zero Yin Yoga but as you know the more you practice this increases the body's abilities to loosen up and decrease tightness and free up tightness and restrictions in the body. *

I will be advertising and promoting the classes but please spread the word to everyone you Know. I'd really appreciate it.


No, I'm not talking about The famous and much loved Wham! Christmas song. I'm talking about Christmas 2022. I had the idea that I would go out to the pub after class with all the classes.Some of you came and I loved the chance to talk and spend some time with you after class it was really nice, The reality though is that its not everyones cup of tea to go out after class. So I have had a re think.


Before Covid came along and ruined everyone's fun I did this a few times and it was such good fun..

This could be us!

Who is up for a summer evening out for dinner and drinks in Ripon at The Claro Lounge.

All classes mixing together past and present. It would be lovely to see you. I become a hermit during the winter months and don't go out much so lets make the most of the summer and celebrate our good health. A warm welcome goes out to ALL.. past and present.. Lets just have fun.. perhaps if you haven't been for a while it might reignite your passion for Pilates or Yoga. But just come with the intention of having fun. I must say it's taken me longer than I expected to get out of the lockdown and careful habitt I had gotten used to. i am socialsing more now than ever and I have a new zest for life and appreciate these times so much more than I ever did.

The food is good and there is quite a wide range too. Vegan and vegetarian options are available it's not too expensive and it has a nice atmosphere. You can park in the main square just opposite.I would love to meet and eat outdoors but the trouble is we can't depend on the weather being fine and evenings can be quite chilly. Click on the link below and have a look at the menu.

What are you waiting for? get back to me asap and lets do it.. the date with the most people attending is the date I will chose so if you can do more than one date let me know.

check out the menu, click on the link below. before the weather turns and gets cold and the evenings loose the light.

The dates I was thinking of were on a Friday evening 7/7.30Pm




Please can you text or email me to confirm which date you are free and I will chose the date that is most popular.


This year in class I have changed my strategy to teaching.

I have deliberately stuck to a few of the same exercises this year to help you to see and feel your progression. I have encouraged you to be brave and not always play it safe.

progression can be slow but the more you practice the more quickly you will progress.

I feel you are all more focussed in your practice and have more determination which I LOVE.


I thank you for choosing me as your Pilates Instructor and practicing Pilates with me. Thank you for being who you are and bringing your humour into the class. Take a minute (at least) to thank yourself for taking time out every week to attend the class and practice Pilates. For showing up every week . Sometimes we have to give up the things that give us temporary pleasure like watching T.V or a social activity and do something we know is hard it's challenging but You feel great afterwards and it will benefit You long term and give us all long term happiness when we can move freely without pain create a stronger body that doesn't break that is more resilient, You guys are fantastic.


We will be continuing to focus on effort rather than the shape you make or the outcome. I will continue to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and not play it safe because how do you know what you are capable of if you always play it safe.

Letting go of the fear of failing, of not being able to manage the exercise because its only by failing that we learn and grow. Research is in and it shows clearly that the kinder we are towards ourselves if we make mistakes or things don't quite go to plan the more likely we are to jump right back in and keep trying, otherwise what's the point?

Stay focussed, Stay present, don't think about the outcome, continue to put your energies into your effort instead of the outcome, be consistent and get comfortable with things not always being perfect. Notice the changes in your technique, strength and stability as we continue to practice .


It's been so good to see everyone has developed a deep love for this practice and how you have discovered just how good it is mentally as well as physically to stop and switch off and turn your attention to practicing letting go of tension and the constant chatter of the mind.

You have given me great feedback and I have noticed more and more as the months go by that your consistency and your dedication is paying off. I love that I get to share this ancient practice with you all and that you are committed to its long term benefits and you seem to have truly grasped that whilst it may be a quick fix for the mind in regard to de stressing and switching off. It takes much longer to free the joints, muscles and tissues of stiffness and restrictions that has built up over many years.

Remember Yin Yoga is unlike anything else and it gets deeper even than a deep tissue massage so it will take time dedication and practice to increase the range of movement.

Don't forget to get back to me for the night out

Much Love to you all..

love Joanna


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