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Nidderdale Fitness Summer Newsletter 2022


It was one year at the start of June that I took the plunge and got back to teaching Pilates classes in person. Can you believe it? I am so grateful that most of you have stayed and we have fun, you huff and puff sometimes and pretend you cant' manage (yes I've noticed!) but you all look beautiful to me with. You have built up a strong core and a strong mind that is focussed on every exercise. You have fine tuned your technique and you have progressed on to more difficult versions of the exercise and learnt some modifications to one or two advanced exercises too!


We moved venues and its not always as warm as we would have liked during the winter but you came in the rain and the cold, you rolled out your mat and you focussed your mind and the next thing you were hot! Thank you, I have a warm heater for next winter to try my best its warmer!


You are the most recent class I have taken back in person. Things haven't yet turned out the way we had hoped, the way I thought they would. Although we still have a more weeks until we know for sure if the class has to close so fingers and toes crossed. Thank you for your efforts, its been lovely too see you again in person and it just shows how the body remembers, as for 2 of you, you hadn't really done any Pilates when we were in the thick of the Pandemic and your body has remembered and you are catching up to where you left off BC (Before Covid) I hope if the class has to end that you are able to join me in some other class . Thank you to you all for choosing me as Your Pilates instructor. I will always work hard to give you the best that Pilates can offer and that I can teach.


We moved venues and moved out of the frying pan into the fire! I had no idea there would be such chaos! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding amongst the dust and mayhem. We have seen one or two people leave but a couple of new people join too which is refreshing and fun.


Its been a cold winter! You've had to come into a hall that was often colder inside than it was outside! You came, you did not complain, you laughed, you joked, You practiced Pilates, you got warm you became stronger and more flexible than you would have staying at home. I have a saying: 'you never regret a workout but you almost always regret the workout you missed!'. The boiler is mended and much more efficient at pumping out the heat and I have a heater to add to that and if that fails, well, Ill just have to work you a little bit harder! Ha ha.


Its convenient and you love it; you roll out your mats and put up with me being a complete idiot when it comes to sorting links for zoom and forgetting to record sometimes. I try my hardest to keep it fresh and fun and challenging but manageable to make sure that you don't get bored or lose connection with Pilates and all the wonderful benefits it brings.


Its been a few months of injuries for me. I've ad one or two more injuries than I would have liked over the last few months. A shoulder injury and golfers(!) elbow which have been very painful. Its taken about 4 months or so to get better and I had to stop all upper body weight bearing exercises initially and then very carefully and gradually build back up again. I am still not quite back to full strength and I can only perform one or two side bends before the elbow complains, I now have to think a little more carefully about what I am doing as you've probably noticed in class. I have worked hard and stretching and strengthening the elbow and shoulder and its much much better now I'm happy to say.

I have a problem with the tendon under my big toe which has been diagnosed by a physio, so, its toe stretches using a resistance band and rolling a spikey ball in in the most painful area of my foot where the pain is most acute. ouch! The rowing machine in the studio has been a life saver for my fitness and mental well being. I have been training hard with intervals on the rowing machine in the studio. Its been the best piece of equipment (apart from Kettlebells) that I have bought. My physio has told me to keep running to see if the treatment is working and after 8 weeks off I am as fit if not fitter than before which is a relief. All my rowing has paid off!

6 Fun Fitness Facts

  1. For every pound of muscle gained the body burns 50 extra calories a day! (If that doesn't get you strength training I don't know what will!)

  2. Music improves performance

  3. Exercise prevents signs of ageing

  4. A pound of muscle burns 3 times more than a pound of fat.

  5. Exercise improves brain performance

  6. Only one in five children around the world do enough physical exercise.

Summer recipe

BBC GOOD FOOD Couscous and halloumi cheese salad

Recipe: Summer Couscous halloumi cheese salad.

Click on the link below


September 2022

1 - 4 people for Yin Yoga classes in the Nidderdale Fitness studio day and evening

dates and times to be confirmed before the end of July.

Yin Yoga is a slow paced style of yoga, not the fast paced vigorous style of yoga like power yoga and Vinyassa and Ashtanga. Yin Yoga's benefits are plentiful. Get in touch if you are interested or want more info.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga targets the deep connective tissues like your ligaments, fascia, joints and bones.

The pace of Yin Yoga is much slower and more meditative, allowing you to have space to truly tune in to your mind and body. Which those of you that practice Pilates will have h

ad a taste of , think of that feeling and quadruple it. Poses are held between 1 and 5 minutes and whilst in the pose you are encouraged to turn your mind inward into the physical sensations that occur in the body at that very moment. Much like meditation at the end of My Pilates classes only with it you are stretching and lengthening the tissues that are not really used or thought about. In addition it also helps and teaches you to breathe through discomfort and watch your thoughts.

A yin yoga flow (sequence) helps to restore a healthy energy flow in the body. the focus is not to move freely from one posture to the next. A Yin Yoga student is trying to access the deeper tissues in the body and the postures and poses focus on particular areas of the body e.g. the hips, the shoulders, the spine, the legs to name just a few.


  1. Lengthens connective tissue

  2. Increases flexibility

  3. Boosts your circulation

  4. Reduces stress levels


Most of us live fast paced busy lives and the exercise which we do is usually fast paced and intense. Yin Yoga provides the perfect balance to the more intense Pilates but necessary class or sweaty run, power walk, or spin bike session or weight training. Basically its like a side dish that perfectly compliments your main meal. Its not a replacement but a perfect companion or pickle to enhance your main meal exercise. Its what keeps you being able to do all the fast paced stuff without injury.

Yin Yoga is for everyone from athletes to people struggling with aches and pains. It's not your average well known sweat it out get your heart rate up kind of exercise but that doesn't mean its any less of a workout or any less important.


I never thought I would enjoy or could ever enjoy something like this, in the past I have always thought anything slow paced wasn't good enough. That was until I tried it last year when I hurt my back and resting, the usual stretches that have worked in the past and gentle Pilates wasn't enough. I turned to Yin Yoga, and It has enhanced my Pilates as a result, my body is stronger my joints are more supple and muscles easier to stretch and ease tension on a regular basis. I personally practice once a week minimum, I find it incredibly relaxing and restores the balance in my mind. I am 100 percent captivated and amazed at how wonderful it makes me feel mentally and physically and how much it has helped me perform the Pilates exercises as I have actually given my tissues some love after all the years of running and weights and all the years as a child care provider prior to becoming a P.T. and Pilates Instructor taking their toll on my body. Pilates was the first step in giving my body some much needed restorative attention and the Yin Yoga is the icing on the cake.


Coming soon to Pateley Bridge. Times and dates to be confirmed by mid to the end of August. This will be a daytime class. so please spread the word to anyone and everyone you think may be interested and it may be good for. This class is aimed at people age 60 plus.

Its is gentle and slower paced keeping in with the core principles of Pilates and the classical Pilates exercises.


DATES: 5/8/22 or 19/08/22

Please get back to me with a date the date that is most popular is the date I will go with. Let me know by Wednesday 31st July so that I can book a table.

Click the link below to check out the menu.

This is an invitation to everyone even if you haven't been to a class for a long time or you attend online only You are all welcome.

My Holiday Dates

I am taking a much needed holiday in Cornwall from Friday the 1st July to Sun 18th July. Apart from 2 bank holiday Mondays and one Friday which was spent mainly driving to see my parents, I haven't taken any time off and weekends have been full on with landscaping the garden which is pretty hardcore. I will keep you updated with pictures on Facebook and Instagram of my lovely coastal walks and the odd run and Pilates and Yin Yoga practice of course. Ill definitely be squeezing my mat in the car somewhere in between the huge dog bed the dog, camping equipment, and 2 smallish bags of clothes!

All classes will be on next week minus the online Friday Flow class.

Classes for July and August are ready for booking on the website.

Thank you, as always for choosing me as your Pilates Instructor. My goal is to make your body as strong as it can possibly be whilst working with your body and its uniqueness.

Love Jo x

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