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February 2022 Newsletter

Hello there , how's 2022 suiting You so far?


In Pilates we kicked off January by using the small Pilates ball in all classes both online and in Person, introducing the small Pilates ball has brought its challenges for sure, but everyone has taken to it rather well I think I know some of you have found it very challenging but that is the whole point. Its also not something that is used all of the time so we are just keeping it in class until the end of Feb. I will bring it back later on in the year.

Using the small Pilates ball encourages the core stability muscles to work extra hard as you balance your body on top of the ball or place it under the scapula to increase forward flexion abdominal strength and range of movement. With this brings awareness of how important the core muscles are. what they are used for and how much concentration is needed in Pilates and how easy it can be to move the pelvis and how that affects the body during the exercises and how when we lose focus we lose stability and control.


January and February have been an amazing month for all the women that are strength training with me, They have come back after Christmas with renewed enthusiasm and that has seen them gain strength, and fitness and move closer to their goals. The men have also been doing well but the women have just come into this year with some extra fire. I love it. Its empowering for women to be strong. Men are expected to be strong and that can be difficult and put pressure on in the same way women are not in my experience expected to be strong, But all of that is finally changing.


I have been working closely and privately with some people on their Pilates, they have been working on pelvic stability and flexibility in the spine. without the flexibility we cant have the strength and without the strength we cant have the flexibility. So its been great to work some more on that side of things. Its so rewarding for both the participant and me to notice the difference on working and targeting specific areas that are stiff and inflexible or have weakness when everything begins to work to the students advantage and all the hard efforts begin to pay off and it is then that people fall in love with Pilates and all of its beautiful rewards.


I am moving the Tuesday evening online Pilates class into in Person at Kirkby Malzeard C of E Primary School. I taught Pilates there before Covid came along and took me on to zoom. I am always excited to teach the benefits of Pilates to fresh faces. I am also looking forward to welcoming back some familiar faces whom attended my class before Covid came along. Those of you who have been coming to my classes will know its benefits are life changing for dealing with life's daily tasks and preventing back and joint pain and improving flexibility in the spine as well as giving a super strong core that aids good posture. I last taught Pilates at Kirkby Malzeard in February 2020. I had no idea it would be 2 years before I would return! It seems as if its been longer than 2 years.


I will be keeping the Friday class online and as long as the interest is there the class will continue, I have improved the sound by using my new bluetooth headphones that I was given for Christmas. If I had known what a difference they would make I would have bought some myself at the start of the pandemic, I was a bit late to the party on that one!


The New class at Kirkby Malzeard on Tuesday evenings is aimed at beginner level. no props or fancy moves Its basic mat Pilates at its best. learning(or re learning for some) the exercises and building core strength and pelvic stability that will stay with you for life.

I am pleased to be adding an additional class to Hampstwaite Memorial Hall at 6pm This class is aimed at all levels including beginners. Spaces are limited to 10 to avoid over crowding.


We moved from St Thomas a Beckett Church Community Room to the Small Hall in The Memorial Hall Hall. It was very cold at the Community Room and there were ongoing problems with various matters. There have been one or two teething problems at the new venue which I think should mostly be resolved by next week.

The builders equipment should be stacked in the corner high and the chairs are being taken out which will create more room.

Geoff has also kindly said he will sort out the radiator on the far side of the room.

If anyone from the 7pm class wants to switch to the 6pm class that would be great to create a little more room in the 7pm class. But please don't feel you are being forced out, only do if if it works for you, and ask me for details. Please book in as soon as possible for March to avoid any disappointment as I can only fit so many people in.


We will be rolling off the balls In March and coming back on to the mat. Using the ball is hard work, but going back to the mat doesn't mean easy. Its the chance to use the strength that has been built and apply it to your Pilates practice.

Thank you for bringing a smile to my face every week, thank you for your positive feedback and a big welcome to new members.

It feels like spring is around the corner, I am looking forward to the lighter months to come where we all feel a little bit looser and free as we ditch the winter woollies and want to be outside more.

Stay focussed on your Pilates practice, let your body be your guide and you cant go too far wrong.

Much happiness, much health, much love from me to you.

See you on the mat soon

Joanna x

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