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December / end of year Newsletter


Is it just me or does anyone else feel like this year has passed by quicker than ever before?

Before you read on any further, I wanted to reassure all of you that if after Christmas the government impose restrictions so that I am unable to teach you in person, I have everything in place to take the in person classes online temporarily until I get the green light to go back to in person teaching again. Hopefully it wont happen. But If it should happen I know it will be devastating for many reasons for allot of people, Its when we need to exercise the most to give us the endorphins, the little piece of normality and the peace of mind, the stillness of mind and to keep physically strong. I wont be letting it get in the way of me teaching you. The end of Covid paragraph lets get on to The jolly stuff.

Camping in a heat wave!

My husband and I took the our crazy dog camping in Cornwall in July! This was fun but also had its challenges, camping with a dog in 30 degree heat, is no easy task, thank goodness for dog friendly beaches! Poor Samson struggled in the heat, the sea was the only place to cool him down, he was so hot. I love the heat but camping in it with a dog was no fun at all! I was glad when the weather broke.

For my business, I knew I wanted to change the way that I did certain things and I didn't want to be driving around so much My husband and I turned the spare room into a P.T Pilates studio. I had to wait until Covid restrictions had eased, I had no idea if it would work out. If anyone would want to come to me for Personal Training and Pilates but It has been wonderful, and people love the views and the ambience and the space. (Not always the exercises!) I have again, been fortunate to have met some lovely new people that have come to my studio on a regular basis for one to one Pilates and Personal Training. Even the people that I have been teaching and training for years have really enjoyed coming to me and exercising in my studio. I do still go to one or two people to train and teach and that is still an option but its nice to have a little bit more balance.

In October I added a rowing machine to the studio which I have used with many people. Its a great asset and although its hard work to get the technique right to begin with, once that has been cracked people who I train love the low impact easy on the knees aspect and are surprised at what a strength builder it is.

It's been fun, and there are a couple of tweaks I need to make to the studio, but overall its been a roaring success and I am very fortunate and after the uncertainty at the end of 2020 and at the start of this year its a nice to end the year on such a positive note.

Its been 6 months since I started teaching in person classes and I feel very fortunate to have found such lovely people to teach. I have watched you all grow and benefit from your commitment to Pilates.. Its also been really nice to keep 2 classes a week on line and keep teaching some of you that I used to teach in person before Covid. Honestly You have blown me away with your commitment and your progress well done. You are all a pleasure to teach in person and online.

I hope I have eased you into Christmas nicely with the two events we have had and the Christmas lights and music during the class. I tried to make the studio and the outside of the house look inviting and Christmassy too with the little tree, and lights outside and the Christmas wreath on the Front door.

In December we have had 2 events, the Joseph Pilates tribute evening, Loved it! It was fun but hard trying to fit in all 34 of his exercises. We had to stay focussed to keep the correct technique. well done all of you, for giving some new things a try. I enjoyed the few requests for the last class. It was fun and you chose some really good ones, I know not all of you wanted to choose an exercise because you like all of it and feel the exercises working and so you didn't feel the need to give a requests and you were unsure of the names of the exercises! its good for me to know a few of your favourites how about introducing all request every 8 weeks or so?

My Goals for the New Year are few, for my business/work it is always helping people to make further progressions. To help people increase their strength and flexibility as well as mental well being which isn't really something that I promote but something I find myself doing more of. I am not a life coach and would not want to be compared to a Life Coach as my experience and meetings with Life Coaches is not a particularly positive one! I am looking forward to taking the Pilates classes up a notch with extra repetitions and a fresh take on familiar exercises with the addition of the Pilates ball and Pilates ring from time to time. I am also looking forward to helping my one to one people make new goals and taking their Pilates to the next level next year and to remain pain free. As for Personal Training People, In January its about setting new goals and then watching them crush them!

My Personal Goal, is to find more ways to help me to relax and unwind on a regular basis, to help me to take life at a slower, calmer pace and that in turn will mean I have so much more to give, When you are empty how can you possibly have anything to give?

Remember, New Years resolutions are overrated. Realistic goals stick. keep your goal smart/ SPECIFIC, MEASURARBLE, ACHIEVEABLE, -(MOST IMPOTRANT) RELEVANT , TIME

BOUND. Start small and work your way up.

Thank You all for making the classes such a pleasure to teach and making me smile, online and in person. You are brilliant.

Have a Merry and Wonderful Christmas whatever it is you are doing and with whomever you are doing it with. Especially if You have chosen to spend it in your own divine company. Keep active, Keep safe and I look forward to seeing you all on the mat Starting January 4th. In Person, In the studio, in class, or online or in your home.. Who knows perhaps Ill bump into you when I'm out on one of my many walks I've got planned this Christmas holiday.

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