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Christmas 2022 Newsletter

I say it every year, "I cant believe another year is almost over and Christmas is almost here again". I had high hopes of being organised with great plans to start my Christmas shopping 2 or even 3 weeks ago but as always it hasn't happened.

The first thing I would like to do is to say a huge THANK YOU to all for choosing me for your Pilates Teacher. I really do appreciate you all and I love the vibes that each different class has. Thank you for all of the positive feedback and for trying things even if some exercises are hard and you are open to give them a try or try a different version.

It was July 2021 that I began once again to teach Pilates in person although it seems longer than that! This year I have got to know you all much better as you have each other. I love the way you all give new commers a warm welcome and make it easy for new people to settle into the class.

Thank you to all my new Yin Yoga students. It is early days but it has thrilled me to watch your bodies start to relax and unwind a little. You have all adapted to Yin really well and you seem to quickly accept that you are here to try to let go and I know how hard that can be but I know you are beginning to feel the physical and mental benefits. It is such a special thing to do for your body and mind and you decided to give something new a try, you trusted in me and I thank you. I am looking forward to watching you get deeper into the poses as they become more familiar to your mind and body and you get to release the tension and knots in your fascia and muscles.

If you have been pondering, and sitting on the fence with yin Yoga there is a new small intimate class in My personal Yoga and Pilates studio starting Tuesday January 3rd at 2.30pm. Two people have already verbally booked in to the class which leaves one place left.

The class is ready to book on the website now. I do intend to hold a larger class at a venue later on in the year, this will most likely be in April. I will be keeping the daytime classes going even when I add the evening class.

The last week of all classes, P.T and one to one private sessions for Yoga and Pilates will be from Monday12th to Thursday 15th December, I will be heading up into the loft this weekend to dig out the Christmas lights to bring a bit of Christmas cheer into the classes and on the last week I will play some Christmas music.

I thought it would also be nice to head to the local pub after class for a drink:

  • Ripon class - Claro Lounge

  • Hampsthwaite -The Joiners

  • Summerbridge - The Royal Oak Dacre Banks

We can all pay for our own drinks, there is no need to buy rounds. I'm up at 5am and I as I'm sure is the same for all of you My callender is very full and I need to stay on good form to give everyone my the best of me which means I am unable to stay much longer than an hour or so but it will be lovely to mingle with you all for a bit. You guys can stay and party on!

Januarys classes are on the website and ready for booking.

Helpful hints for the lead up to Christmas

1/ Avoid opening or eating chocolates and mince pies too early. Once you have started it will be harder to stop so wait until a few days before, the first chocolate, treat, is always the most appreciated, after that its just the sugar cravings kicking in. making you want more.

2/ Do watch as many Christmas films as you like whenever you like, before and during and even after.

3/ Do meditate daily for calmness of mind, you will need it more than ever, as lovely as Christmas is its another thing to plan and manage, and for many it will be a big affair after Covid restrictions in the last 2 years.

4/ Do spend a thought for some people spending Christmas alone, keep and eye on neighbours and friends. One thing I've learned this year after my nephew took his own life is that things are not always as they seem. People can seem fine on the surface and even tell you they are fine and feeling well but it isn't ALWAYS.

5/ Avoid drinking too much alcohol, its empty calories, and messes with peoples mental health ,makes people sluggish and less active the following day.

6/ Do listen to as much Christmas music as much as you want whenever you want.

7/ Do Practice your Pilates and Yin Yoga but please be careful not to over do it and injuring yourself.

8/ Do get out for walks and keep active, dance the night away, the more you eat and drink the more you need to move.

9/ Do watch out for those cheeky dogs and cats that love food! particularly if you have a greedy Labrador!

10/ Lastly but definitely not lease. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years celebrations, have the best time.

Much health, Much happiness, much love from me to you.

Jo xx

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