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Why Traditional Diets Are Ineffective and What You Can Do Instead

Updated: Jan 19


Well,they do short term A diet is a particular eating plan that is often very hard to stick with long term. It is usually very restrictive, unhealthy and is aimed at people wanting a quick fix which is losing weight fast. No matter how strong your will power, no matter how good your intentions are unless you are eating in a way that is sustainable long term most people don't stick with it because it's either boring, non varied and restricts people from treats. It's very strict and doesn't allow for people going out, eating out, which makes it unsustainable..


1/Avoid processed foods, these usually contain sugar and chemicals that leave your body craving more .

2/Increase your vegetable intake in your meals.

increase your protein intake with meals , aim to include protein with every meal, protein will keep you feeling full and also decrease sugar cravings as well as being an important part of our diet. Protein is needed for growth and repair of tissues, also important for keeping muscles and bones healthy.

3/increase the healthy fats in your meals

4/cut down on your carbohydrates

5/ eat carbohydrates with a low G.I rating

6/cut out sugar

7/ if you're going out for a meal plan ahead, look at the menu ahead and plan in advance what you're going to eat.

8/Allow yourself something that you really enjoy once a week, plan for it and look forward to it, (Your much more likely to stick to a healthier eating plan if you allow one or two of the things you really enjoy eating, Just make sure it isn't too often)

9/ start resistance training at least x 2 sessions pw, be it with weights, yoga, body weight, reformer Pilates , Mat Pilates that includes bodyweight and Pilates ring exercises as well as traditional Pilates exercises, ot Pilates with weights. This will give your metabolism a boost and help you gain lean muscle, which will increase your calorie burn at rest.

10/Do participate in c.v exercise but don't over do it and under eat, You won't lose weight like that as your body will either hold on to fat (as it does in these circumstances)



A faddy diet is one that promises fast weight loss and a "new body" its one that is not based on scientific evidence. The Fad diet usually involves cutting out a certain food group like carbohydrates or a combining eating certain foods or the diet may only allow you to eat certain foods at a particular time.


Most, if not all Faddy diets will give you a great boost and buzz initially as you see the pounds drop off the scales quickly and notice your clothes fitting more comfortably, but the pounds that you see dropping off are lean muscle and water and not the body fat you think it is. These faddy diets are unsustainable and unrealistic because they are so restrictive and often leave people feeling hungry, and once a certain amount of weight has been lost people will soon stop seeing the pounds come off and have to make further cut back's, and eat even less. The result often leads people reverting back to their old ways feeling like a failure and putting all the weight back on and more.

When we mess about with food groups or and ignore the hunger pangs,( thinking this is the only way to lose weight) this often leads to yo yo dieting, trying lots of different diets followed on by dropping the diets and regaining the weight. This type of eating will mess with your metabolism making it very difficult to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, It also affects mood and energy levels. Leaving people feeling lethargic and irritable.


Social media play a large part in people trying to achieve an unrealistic body type. pictures of celebrities looking happy and in perfect shape and the celebrities themselves often promoting a certain type of eating that makes them feel great but who knows how they're really feeling, they themselves are under a huge amount of pressure to look a certain way. The pictures are often photoshopped and filtered promoting a false image. This perfect image that is presented leaves us feeling fed up about our shape and our life and so we too want to look like that and go to drastic lengths to achieve it.


Eating plans that offer a quick fix and fast weight loss. Aim for no more than 2 pounds a week, any more than that and your body starts to lose muscle and water not fat.

Anything that makes a judgment on before and after photos without any scientific evidence to back up the claims and pictures.

A eating plan that focuses on ruling out certain foods or avoiding particular food groups, anything that sounds and seems too good to be true usually is.

Anything that focuses on appearance and not your health

Juicing instead of eating meals, the juice in the fruit is very concentrated and could lead to diabetes type 2 as it will raise your blood sugar levels. It may be natural fruit but its not eaten in its natural form which means more volume is consumed, more than what would normally consumed when eating fruit in its natural form.

Cutting out carbs, carbs are not the enemy, its the type of carbs you eat and how much that important.

Fasting, and skipping meals. If you do this for a period of time your body will go into panic mode and hang on to the fat, in particular abdominal fat, thinking there is a famine and it must hold on to the fat as it doesn't know where the next meal is coming from.

Don't ignore your hunger, you won't win long term, your body has its natural fat set point. (natural weight) if your body detects that you're under it, it will be constantly trying to get you to eat more to get your body fat higher and back to its natural fat set point an dhungur is really hard to ignore.


Faddy diets are very tempting, they offer you want you want to hear and believe a quick weight loss plan that everyone can achieve without too much hard work.

:these restrictive diets are not from qualifies nutritionists or scientifically based and can be harmful on your health.

After an initial fast weight loss it will become harder to lose any more weight as Your metabolism will adapt to your new weight, You will then either give up, as you will no longer be seeing any more results or cut back further on food, making yourself even more limited to what you can eat and most likely making yourself miserable in doing so. The more you cut back on food will need to be made to lose any more weight.


:Eat foods that are low in glycemic index (gi)

G.I rating of a food is the difference in how long it takes the carbohydrate raises blood sugar levels quickly, moderately, or slowly.

Different carbs have different G.I rating and depending on the GI rating is how quickly the food or drink is digested.

G.I index is between 0-100,

Slow absorbed carbs have a gi rating below 55.

Examples of Low G.I foods

Sweet potatoes, wholegrain rice, quinoa, jasmine rice, wholemeal bread, beans, porridge, natural muesli, veg, pulses .

There is a whole lot of information online regarding low G.I foods and its benefits. ( SEE LINKS BELOW)

If you would like some help getting started, feel free to get in touch for a chat. I'd love to help you.

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