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Whether your a morning, lunchtime or evening Pilates class person it can be hard to find the balance between feeling ravenous and having your belly rumbling or feeling very full and lethargic and bloated.

For those of you that have attended my classes you know we will be working the abdominal muscles so you want to make sure you are not feeling very full and bloated.


This is best to be avoided, Pilates isn't a walk in the park and food equals energy.

However, you're not doing a Hiit workout or a strength training workout so you don't need to worry about eating lots of carbs, that is not to say you should avoid them all together a light snack will give you an enough energy to give your Pilates the 100% you want to give without it giving you a stitch or indigestion.


If Your class is early then its unlikely that you will be wanting to get up even earlier to eat a full breakfast. If its a little later on in the morning then this would allow you time for eating a normal breakfast.

OPTION- 1 30 mins before Class

1 small banana OR

a small carton of full fat greek yoghurt with a portion of berries (1 portion =8 berries)

OPTION 2- 2 hours before class

eggs x 2

avocado 15-20g

brown bread toasted x1-slice


blend- 1 scoop of protein powder with a few berries and 30g of overnight oats =see more protein shale idea in the links.


Lunchtime can be a good time to squeeze in a Pilates class especially if you're busy in the evening or you have children you want to get home to after work or collect from school.

grab a banana about 30 minutes before class- you can eat whilst working and its the perfect fuel. After class you will need to dash back to work but its important not to skip lunch or your work colleagues will be hungry all afternoon and that just messes up your metabolism.

After class make sure you have something prepared that you can eat easily like a wholemeal sandwich with cheese and a little salad or egg and avocado, This is just one idea as the fat is healthy an filling. The point is its something quick easy and filling that you can either eat at your desk or in the way back to it, If you're heading home its not so much of a problem,


wholemeal egg and salad sandwich

wholemeal egg and avocado salad sandwich

protein smoothie ( homemade, avoid so called healthy immune system boosting sugary fruit smoothies from the shop or homemade)


This is tricky, you may have left work around 5 get home by 6pm ish then its a quick turn around before class at 7pm or later. Then you won't get home until after *pm and to start cooking then would be quite late, Its already been a long day and the chances of you eating anything healthy are probably quite low as you will be so hungry you will grab anything.

So, a healthy snack or a light teatime meal to keep hunger at bay would be a great option.

Avoid anything too heavy-

Below are some ideas and i have also included a link to some homemade protein smoothie recipes.

Poached eggs on wholemeal toast

chicken fish, egg, quorn salad

Butternuts squash, tomato soup ( filling but wont leave you gassy) Make sure its low sugar content .

protein smoothie (take with you to have after work if you are going to a class after work or just a healthy satisfying snack to keep you full until after class.


yes- avoid eating food that could cause bloating and gas.

Not everyone will react to foods in the same way but this is my go to

Avoid- brocoli,cabbage, onions, beans, lots of fruit, high sugar biscuits cakes, drinks etc-- heavy carbs/


As I spoke about earlier you have to be honest with yourself, you wont want to be cooking a large meal when you get home and its not a great for your gut, if you eat late at night shortly before going to bed.

Pre class snack/tea

How about a quick healthy stir fry-(either chop up and prep the veg the day before and seal it in an air tight food bag or chop up a but of veg when you get home, Avoid pre packed veg at the shops, You don't know hoe long the veg has been stored in the bag.

add chicken or fish and a little wholemeal rice,

Or cook extra food the night before and save some for leftovers after class.

Below is a link to a healthy meal made in 20 minutes-check them out.

Preparation and a little bit of thought is the key to success,

I hope you find this blog and the links attached useful.

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